Places For All hosts and is part of public forums, exhibitions and workshops.  

Shore Walk 
August 21, 2012 Astoria, Queens, NY

Hosted by the Astoria Park Alliance
We debuted our first public art project as part of the Astoria Shore Festival 2012. Shore Walk is an interactive project, where members of the community selected an element of the shore in the form of a stencil to personalize with their own thoughts about the waterfront. The purpose of the project was to gain a collective value about the shore, as  a base for proposing re-development plans.

Active Design Toolkit Charette 
June 2, 2012 The Bronx, NY

Hosted by the NY Dept. of Health and the Built Environment
We piloted our toolkit graphics with Velo City and NYC officials by working with the Southern Bronx River Watershed Alliance to brainstorm planning improvements. Residents and members of community organizations developed proposals of their ideas for alternative development of the Sheridan Expressway.  It was wonderful to see the collaboration of so many stakeholders in NYC and we look forward to future workshops.

Re imagining Place: Community Based Approaches    
April 13, 2012 Amherst, Massachusetts

Hosted by Amherst College
Clarisa presented Places for All at Amherst College for the lecture series, Re-imagining Place: Community Based Approaches. In good company, the event was organized by the students and occurred outside on the central campus lawn. A special thank you to the organizing committee for their warm invitation and hospitality!

Amplifying Creative Communities Exhibition    
Nov. 7-Nov.20, 2011, Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY  

Hosted by Parsons The New School

The Recipes for Change Toolkit is featured in the Amplifying Creative Communities Exhibition, hosted by Parsons The New School DESIS Lab. Thanks to all for a successful exhibition and workshop, it was great to receive such diverse feedback!  

Places For All was presented at the 9th International Conference on New Directions in the Humanities, Universidad de Granada, Campus La Cartuja in Granada Spain, June 8-11, 2011.
The paper, Capacity Building in Urban Design: Participatory Processes with the Urban Poor, focusing on the Community Mapping + Design Toolkit project, was presented and will be available for publication in the conference journal. 
Storytelling: Residents of Shanghai, Saigon and Seoul 
April 4, 2011
Hosted by Nerd Night Phnom Penh: Bringing the Pecha Kucha format to Phnom Penh. A place to share a passion in 20 slides, 20 seconds each.  
Venice Biennale: Community Evicted
Oct. 19-Nov. 22, 2010
Special thanks to Ersela Kripa and Stephen Mueller of AGENCY for their kind invitation to include our video in their exhibition 30S at the Venice Biennale. A crowdsourced installation addressing the role of the architect and public space featured the 30 second video of an evicted site near The Building in Phnom Penh. For more information on the exhibit please visit AGENCY (Network-United States).                                       
Right to the City Lecture Series    
Oct. 11-Nov.30, 2010, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. 
Hosted by Sahmakum Teang Tnaut.
As part of the Right to the City Lecture Series, Places For All presented design project cases from young social initiatives. Cases presented Places For All work including a neighborhood project in Kansas City, integration of students and the Harlem art community in NYC, Palestinian housing prototypes in the West Bank, and service design projects in rural villages outside Shanghai, China. 
We would like to give a special thanks to  those students who managed final exams and studio projects to attend the lecture!
The Right to the City Lecture Series explores potential solutions for urban poor communities in Cambodia, by sharing cases and experiences from various professionals to university students.  The series of activities include field visits that provide first-hand knowledge of the reality of displaced communities, while the lectures allow students to see alternatives for practical professional work and apply it within the Cambodian context.
Venues: Limkokwing University, Royal University of Fine Arts, Pannasastra   
Speakers: Meas Kimseng (STT founder), Patama Roonrakwit (CASE Thailand), Clarisa Diaz (Places For All, STT), Din Somethearith (former UN-HABITAT), Natalie Bugalski (Human Rights Lawyer) For more information on all the lectures please visit LUMHOR Magazine (Network-Cambodia).

Public Reading and Exhibition:
June 5, 2010 Places For All photography with readings from displaced communities in Shanghai, Saigon, Phnom Penh and Seoul.
Featuring GE Jin documentary East Lake Avatar: Citizen Journalism in the Protection of East Lake
Venue: Image Tunnel, M50 Galleries. Shanghai, China
Thanks to all those who attended for your interest and support! 
Shanghai Biennale 2008
  Design Project and Documentary: The life of a street vendor influences planning decisions. As the street peddler, greengrocer, moves between traditional and modern neighborhoods he connects the elements of the urban masterplan. The street peddler’s important social function within the old Shanghai neighborhood is not only preserved but essential to new parts of the city. Thus by making a better living, he also becomes an ambassador for the traditional Shanghainese lifestyle in the developed city.
Exhibition and Forum: 
December 10-15, 2007
Poblaciones: Analyzing Solutions to Urban Poverty in Santiago de Chile
Venue: Chilean and North American Institute of Culture
Sponsored by the US Embassy
The exhibition featured cases of daily life in low-income peripheral neighborhoods of Santiago de Chile. Combined with a public forum, the exhibit brought together a select number of residents, government officials, university students and NGO members to promote partnership and increase awareness for city improvements.

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