Selected Publications including work from Places For All


Street Poetry  Concrete Justice, Theatre of the Oppressed NYC.                                          
Fractious Press, 2012

Concrete Justice is an artist collaborative in NYC and precursor to Theatre of the Oppressed NYC.  The group is an outlet for people who are homeless or formerly homeless to rebuild their lives through peaceful and positive forms of expression while finding their artistic voice. We project managed the book, co-designing its contents by hosting writing and art workshops with the troupe.

Learning from Hangzhou   New York Times Books to Buy in 2009, Winner of the DAM Dutch book prize.                                          
Timezone 8 Books, 2009, Second Print 2010

The city of Hangzhou is documented in this photoessay as a case study of Chinese urban development. The preface features the story of a Hangzhou resident and his change of habitat following historical events since Mao.


Resolution: Repositioning the Relation Between Man and Nature Winner of the Prix Spéciale Hiver French book prize.

A&J International Printing & Publishing Co., 2011 

Rethinking the urban and suburban condition for renewed spaces repositions society with the environment. The Palestinian Refugee project is a case study along with essays by architectural theorists and practitioners.

DESIGN Harvests

Studio TAO, forthcoming

The Chongming Sustainable Community project (DESIGN Harvests) explores the process of networking small-scale projects for greater sustainable improvements. The book includes commentary essays by  scholars on the topic of sustainable change in China.


Artifact. Network Design from China’s Rural Lifeworld. DCD, Copenhagen: 2009.



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