Places For All Collaborating Selected Projects

New York City

Active Design Toolkit

We designed the graphics for an exciting new project with the NYC bike program, Velo City.  Velo City combines bike riding with urban planning curriculum to teach youth about the city in a fun and active way. The toolkit functions as a mobile kit of parts that fit together block by block while also raising awareness about city land-use and building codes.  Commissioned by the City of New York Department of Health and the Built Environment.

Recipes for Change

We have moved base to NYC and are independently working with the organization In Our Backyards and Parsons The New School DESIS Lab to create a toolkit for communities to redevelop their own underused spaces. Recipes for Change samples existing case studies of communities who have created gardens, street programs, park and water cleanups by documenting stories of project leaders and sharing them for others to develop their own recipes. The toolkit also includes a guide for ways to raise money for those projects in a fun graphic way.


Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Our City Festival 2011
Clarisa has been commissioned by artXprojects and JavaArts to design the visual packaging of the annual Our City Festival in Phnom Penh. Based on the formal gesture of the Khmer invitation, the packaging form and decoration includes similar cultural elements and is given to citizens from partnering shop stall owners and street vendors to promote local participation in the city-wide festival.  We have been working virtually between New York City and Phnom Penh to produce this collaboration and will finish by September! Check back for final results....


Community Mapping + Design Toolkit
Working in the field, participatory design processes motivate communities to upgrade and maintain their own environments. The Community Mapping + Design Toolkit packages these processes in Cambodia for involving residents with projects.  Tools for co-design include communicating through personalized approaches, creating momentum for feedback and explaining practical concepts. What's more, it's motorcycle-friendly!

Shanghai, China
DESIGN Harvests
Based in Chongming Island near Shanghai, the project is based in social and economic initiatives that bridge the urban and rural in China. This project proposes an innovative community that embraces individuals from different sectors including business, academia, government, organizations and other backgrounds to act across disciplines and cultures in tackling complex systemic sustainability issues. Within this innovative community, designers are playing new roles as coordinators, strategists, catalysts and orchestrators; promoting an open and bottom-up approach to contribute to local development.
In a type of systemic masterplanning, the project is supported by a network of sub-projects in communication, business, architecture and product design. An evolving network of partners run parallel to the sub-projects, starting with the first annual Chongming Midsummer Festival and the planting of the area’s first community garden.

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West Bank, Palestine
Palestinian Refugee Housing and Market 

In the United Nations Relief and Works Agency camps, including Aqabat Jaber, solutions are needed for refugees with little access to public amenities. This project uses architecture to create a mixed use space of housing and marketplace as an economic prototype. The proximity of Aqabat Jaber to the Dead Sea and artisan population make the success of the prototype feasible for improving the daily life of refugees while increasing their connection to society.


Santiago de Chile
Mapping Access to Urban Amenities
In Latin America’s first country to implement national housing policy, Chilean social housing residents are surveyed for their access to facilities and services in Santiago. Despite adequate housing, urban facilities are found to be minimal with social consequences for residents meeting their needs by traveling long distances to the city center. Mappings of six communities in three peripheral districts are subject for the study funded by a Fulbright research grant. The application of the project increased communication and awareness through an exhibition and forum among residents, governmental and non-governmental organizations.

New York City, USA
Columbia University expansion into Harlem
The context of the project is that of an art district, integrating Columbia as a school of the arts with the Harlem art community. Art, music, dance, film, and literature through the venues of galleries, jazz clubs, and local establishments characterize the diversity and energy of the site. The student union layers program to integrate the campus and Harlem by establishing public transparent volumes and private translucent volumes. Passing between programs of the union creates the experience of ambiguity between public and academic realms through the use of glass and systems of steel frames that form a density holding programs and circulation.

Kansas City, Kansas

Kansas City Neighborhood Revitalization
The project is an extension of the notion of the front porch, running through the house to reconfigure the interior and exterior of the site. The extension allows for the existing conditions of rented subdivision or homeownership by replacing or removing walls while rehabilitating the house for ventilation and lighting distribution. The current neighborhood consists of houses built in the early 1900s that have been subdivided and rented by primarily Latino families. Tendencies of most residents are the use of the entire lot, maximized social interactions among household members, and the location of the front yard as an integral spatial location for communal activities.

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